Horse riding course for 2 and 3 year olds

The boy and the horses


Baby horse (2)

They never had in their hands such a toy with which to have fun, so it is for them a great adventure, and in many cases a dream.

At first glance we can think that there is a great imbalance between the child and the horses, the measure, the force...
It's not really like this.

The horse and the child maintain a connection with nature that adults in many cases, we have lost, mainly the instinctive need, to belong to a group or herd. Of that depends in both cases the survival.

The child however small, approaches the horse with that primary instinct and the horse, who perceives it accepts him as one more member of the herd. The horse feels that the child does not represent any danger or threat, nor dominion.

Let's not forget that the horse is a free spirit.


That is why this link exists between them.

Baby horse (4)
Baby horse (1)


The new friends (the ponies) patiently leave the children to brush, comb, clean their hooves, pamper and kiss.


Immediately the children create an estimation bond towards these animals.

They also enjoy riding them, experiencing the pleasure of being on such a large animal that allows them to walk on their backs enjoying the landscape, either inside the horse riding area or taking a walk in the countryside.

The exercises that are carried out in the track on the pony are of balance, coordination, relaxation.

They are exercises that are carried out in a natural and instinctive way through games.

When finished, it is very important for children to learn how to care for and order cleaning tools, saddles and fittings. The pony must return to its place in perfect condition (clean, polished and with its covered needs: water, food, etc ...)


All this is done with the help of parents, until the children are old enough and physical enough to be autonomous and perform all these jobs with autonomy.



We will meet after having done a riding class with a more communicative, more relaxed and self-esteemed child.

Baby horse (3)


Classes will be one per month, from October to June.

DAY: Saturdays

Duration: 1'30 hora

Horario: 11,30 h. a 13,00 h.


Tuition is paid once a year and includes a school federative license with insurance.

Price: 25€/class

Precio: 200€ for 9 class (from october to june)


First course: The first Saturday of the month

Second course: The second Saturday of the month

Third course: The third Saturday of the month