Horse riding is much more than a sport.

Horse Riding empowers students in their ability to relate to the horse and develops a sense of responsibility when working and caring for horses or ponies. It also helps overcome fears and increases empathy and self-esteem.

The knowledge acquired by the student means that he / she is in a position to: ride a track with other students with a high degree of coordination, take the horse outside in the company of a responsible person and care for and feed the horse or pony.

Riding class days are based on the rider's riding level, from Tuesday to Thursday.

Parties, celebrations, contests:

  • Halloween: gymkhana, derby, carousel exhibition
  • Christmas festival
  • Competitions: dressage league, jumping league, Pony Club Aceegi league
  • Social Competitions: dressage, jumping, derby and complete
  • Full day trips
  • Gallop Exams


The course is taught from October to June. Optional one or two days a week, from Tuesday to Friday and from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Course price:

Tuition is paid once a year and includes a school federative school with insurance.

Tuition: € 70 / year
Monthly fee (1 day / week): € 60 / month
Monthly fee (2 days / week): € 90 / month