The pony, an excellent influence for children!

The ponies are horses of low height and excellent character. Well trained, they let children start riding at a very young age and give them the opportunity to participate in dressage and jumping competitions.

The height of the child is in accordance with the size of the pony, which allows them to ride and interact independently.

Children start in the world of riding moving progressively between riding games to start riding, stable work, and a particular discipline. These are the necessary bases for good training.

Encouraging respect for nature, teaching values to children such as order, and love for animals, is the goal of the Pony Club.

Children are filled with confidence and satisfaction to be able to direct such a large animal, ride it and take care of it, and this is the confidence they will carry into their daily lives.

All debuting riders start their lessons on the rope. It is a private class where the teacher or monitor gives the student all their attention, working on pony exercises, to gain balance and get a good position.

After the first classes and ensuring that the rider has successfully achieved the objective of the exercises, we will incorporate the student into what we call “the batch".

The batch is a group of students who already have a certain autonomy and perform their class as a team. These groups are awarded a pony appropriate to their riding level and height, or age.

Other activities are also carried out, such as learning equestrian language, workshops, scavenger hunts, games, all related to the world of the horse. Groups and ponies will change as the children’s riding level progress. 

Children can start riding from 4 or 5 years old. At first, the teacher will walk by their side in order to gain the necessary confidence. You can then proceed to teach on the rope, where they will work on position and balance.

In addition, these first classes serve as a contact of the child with the animal. It may be that at first the child is afraid of approaching the pony, but very soon this fear disappears, when they see how meek, sweet and calm these animals are. These first classes serve for both the child and the pony to become familiar with each other. After a few classes they will find themselves riding alone.