“I remember the day I decided to seriously learn to ride a horse.”

The question was: where can they teach me? In a school, of course!

In the past, you could count on one hand the number of schools that existed in the country. Formerly, the apprentices spent half a lifetime next to the teacher; and when he, whether by age or death, left his job, his apprentice became the new teacher. That was how knowledge and secrets were transmitted from generation to generation. My training followed a similar path.

It is for this reason that I feel so fulfilled when I pass in front of the entrance of our center and see "riding school". I have the satisfaction of having a place where the knowledge acquired throughout my career can help all those who want to learn.

The meaning of the word "school" is very broad. Moreover, if we consider that it is about creating a connection between two living beings, where there are so many factors that can influence and alter our purpose.

The purpose is to convey our knowledge, based on the classic principles of riding, to the students at our center.


I gained my first knowledge with the teacher Luis Ramos-Paúl, in Seville and later with the teacher Joâo Pedro Rodrigues, in Lisbon. They influenced my training and way of understanding classical riding as a rider.

Currently my degrees are:

  • Sports Technician Level II
  • Territorial Dressage Judge
  • National Horse Judge of Pura Raza Árabe.



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